University of Saint Joseph Nursing Students
University of Saint Joseph Nursing Students's Fundraiser
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We can provide an adequate supply of disposable diapers to babies in low-income households across Connecticut.

Join the nursing students of the University of Saint Joseph and help make a #DiaperNeed difference, please give today.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$885 towards $600

While there are currently many fundraising efforts underway to support the hurricane victims, let us not forget those families here in Connecticut who struggle every day to provide clean diapers for their children. These are loving families who are having financial difficulties, but do not receive government assistance for diaper purchases.

Over the past 2 years the USJ nursing students have raised over 20,000 diapers. If poor, young college students can find the means to donate, can't you too consider making a donation? Just a small sacrifice of maybe one coffee a day could make a difference. Any donation, no matter how small will go a long way to helping us meet our goal for The Diaper Bank! Help us to ensure all babies are dry, clean and healthy for The Diaper Bank.